Operation: Black Friday

After a night of giving thanks and spending time with family, thousands of people set out on a mission for holiday shopping. Stores across Carlsbad opened in the middle of the night on Black Friday to welcome in the masses of determined shoppers dedicated to finding the best deals.

Black Friday has become a nationwide trend in recent years to the point where some stores in Carlsbad open at 6 p.m. on  Thursday instead of the usual Friday. The lines wrapping around the outlet malls and shopping centers spoke for themselves. Many people took advantage of these extra hours before all of the other stores opened to get a head start on their shopping.

“We open at 6:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving, which is crazy, but people will come and definitely be lined up,” Sun Diego worker Chase  said. “It’s the busiest night of the year, and since we are a tourist destination, we get loads of people coming in and out of those doors throughout all the hours of the night.”

Though Black Friday seems like an event everyone takes part in, many people would rather skip the lines and masses of people. The sales happening each year on this day are tremendous, forcing many individuals to choose either lines and sales–or sleep and regular prices.

“I have always found it worthwhile to go shopping on Black Friday not necessarily because of the amount of money you save, but because of the experience,” junior Shannon Rohring said. “I have so many memories of shopping throughout the day, and I don’t mind a few lines solely because of that.”

A new phenomenon, Cyber Monday, is growing more and more popular. This occurs on the following Monday, when most online shops mark down their prices just as the actual stores did. Online shoppers find Cyber Monday an innovative way to shop and avoid the hassle of Black Friday.

“Our store does Cyber Monday, and I think it is really awesome and efficient for our customers,” Papaya worker Nicole said. “It gives all the people who don’t want to deal with the absolute craziness of Black Friday a chance to get similar deals with a click of a button.”

People who participate in Cyber Monday do get the savings, but miss out on the experience of Black Friday. With Black Friday spreading into Thanksgiving, it does change the dynamics of the holiday, but gives more people the chance to shop. Although this night brings a roar of chaos over Carlsbad, many people continue to enjoy it and love the holiday spirit it brings.

“Black Friday is like the official leap into holiday season, and I think it’s really exciting for everyone,” Sun Diego worker Alex said. “Although I work throughout the night and into the day, I look forward to it every year, and I think everyone should definitely go out and try it once.”