CHSTV exemplifies excellence


Lexi Spikerman

Every day, CHSTV records their opening teaser with the anchors. On this day, Allie DeGour and Nick La Marca give CHS a preview of what is on the show.

You are sitting in your first class of the day when you hear Dubstep blasting through the speakers. What’s going on? Were you suddenly transported into a dance club? Not quite. This is the beginning of a brand-new live broadcast of CHSTV.

“I love watching CHSTV in the morning,” junior Miya Scheble said. “The announcements and stories are interesting, and it really is a fun way to find out what’s happening around campus.”

Besides distributing news throughout our school, CHSTV also enters many competitions to share its talents with the world, such as by competing for the Award of Excellence. The Award of Excellence has many different categories, ranging from daily shows (such as CHSTV) to monthly shows. Student-run television programs from across the nation attempt to win the title and be deemed “Excellent.” CHSTV has won this prestigous award seven years in a row and hope to make this year number eight.

“Winning the Award of Excellence means a ton to us,” senior Nicole Walker said. “With all the stress, pressure and chaos that we go through, it all becomes worth it when we win that award.”

To compete for the Award of Excellence, CHSTV students submit one of their best live broadcasts, which will then be judged at the annual STN convention.  Throughout November and December, students work hard to produce their best stories, choosing the best entire show to enter into the competition.

“CHSTV is not like most programs because we have everyone do every job,” sophomore Arianna Ricci said. “However, during Award of Excellence, we really have everyone play to their strengths–we put on our best anchors, best people for jobs and best stories. The Award of Excellence is very important to us, and we work really hard to create the best show that we possibly can.”

Winning the Award of Excellence means extreme dedication, something the CHSTV students are well-accustomed to. These students work two hours in class every day, not to mention the countless outside hours necessary to complete their individual stories.  The Award of Excellence not only serves to reward excellence, but also to reward students’ commitment toward producing a successful show.

“Every day, CHSTV puts so much work into creating our daily broadcasts,” junior Chantel Schweigert said.  “The Award of Excellence would prove that all our hard work was worth it, and how dedication truly pays off.”