Students sacrifice precious sleep for school spirit

Up before the sun even rose, Carlsbad High students put on their purple and headed out to school at 4:30 a.m. The annual alarm clock pep rally proposes a chance for students to represent the loud crowd on TV and show their support for the football team.

Alarm Clock Pep Rally–the name itself shows just how early the Lancers had to get out of bed to come cheer on their football team. Televised by NBC, the stakes were high for the student body to demonstrate their Carlsbad pride.

“Surprisingly, I was really ready to come out and show my support for our amazing school,” junior Chloe Blish said. “We were all pretty tired, but Spencer did a fantastic job at keeping the loud crowd pumped and cheerful.”

Throughout the spectacle, the loud crowd rallied the crowd with classic cheers, pumping up the school for the football game. As senior Spencer Beyer led the crowd in “Go Bananas,” the people at home recognized the high level of purple pride which makes up the school.

“The Loud Crowd did not prepare much for this pep rally because we are always ready to cheer on our school even if it is at four in the morning,” senior Spencer Beyer said. “We were loud, as always, and I would not expect anything else from our Purple Pit.”

ASB faced the difficult task of having students fill the gym at such an early hour. However, they succeeded to bring in not only a rowdy loud crowd, but all fall sports teams. A lot of preparation went into making this pep rally the best one yet, such as making posters, serving breakfast and creating an exhilarating atmosphere.

“ASB really worked hard to pull this event off and get a lot of students out here,” junior Sarah Lang said. “There were a lot of different aspects we needed to incorporate for the audience at home, so there was not a moment for us to rest until after.”

The volume in the gym escalated throughout the morning, creating an electrifying environment for all those involved. Carlsbad’s school spirit continues to hit new levels everyday, making the students excited for every event coming in the future.

“We have had a lot of spirit this year,” senior Courtney Benner said. “It is really awesome to see everyone participating and enjoying the year. This pep rally pumped up not only our students but our football team as well as they prepare to take on LCC.”

The Lancers prepare to face the Mavericks on Friday under the LCC stadium lights. The football players feed off the energy and spirit of the school, which was exemplified in the alarm clock pep rally.

“I’m super excited for this week. I think we have this in the bag and we will come out with a win,” junior football player Tyler Bolwell said.”Crowd support is a big thing and the crowd gets us pumped and when we get pumped we go out and play hard.”

With the pep rally in full swing the dancers and cheer were doing what they do best and performing for NBC channel 7 news. Although performing can be a little nerve racking, Lancer Dancers, Xcalibur and Cheer were on point with their performance and excited to watch the game unfold.

“To be a cheerleader on the sidelines while the team is so pumped is a really fun experience,” junior Kayle Nellis said. “It’s always an energetic game when we play the Mavs so everyone should come out for the away game.”

Along with long time Loud Crowd members, many students came early to show their support. Sophomore Brendan Carroll came out early to cheer on his school and show encouragement for school athletics and be apart of the televised pep rally.

“It’s really awesome to come out and its totally worth it to come out this early. It’s all about Carlsbad High and Lancer spirit,” Carroll said. “Everyone is bringing all they got it and it’s off the charts how much energy there is. We come out and cheer on the football team because they’ve been working hard and I think they really deserve to get the support that they have earned.”

The Lancers have fought hard throughout the season, and are ready for an action-packed game against long time rivals La Costa Canyon High School. Come out and join the cheerleaders and loud crowd on Oct. 18 as the Lancers (5-1) battle the Mavericks (4-2) at 7:00 p.m. at La Costa Canyon High School.

“I am really excited about the game. I enjoy watching our boys play,” Principal Dr. Steitz said. “I think that we have played better as the season goes on so we are getting LCC at a good time so I’m looking forward to it… good luck Lancers and have a good Friday!”