Oktoberfest introduces German culture

A couple claps their hands along with the music. With live bands playing it was irresistible to get up and dance.

Every year, over 7 million people participate in Oktoberfest, an enormous festival that lasts for two weeks. People indulge in German food, music, dances, games and, most of all, beer. On Oct. 5, the Carlsbad Rotary Club also celebrated this global event at Holiday Park, although in a much smaller scale.

They have a lot of kid-oriented events, such as jumpies, pumpkin carving and decorating, and regular events, such as food and dance,” freshman Kerianne Brennan said.

According to legend, the fair originated in Germany during the 1800’s, when a royal couple decided to throw a horse racing party after their wedding. The festival evolved over the years, becoming bigger, better and eventually, out of hand.   

“At night, the festival gets wild,” sophomore Pamela Tripp said. “Older people go to the festival, and they get drunk.”

Oktoberfest is regarded as the world’s largest fair — and perhaps the wildest. Nearly 1,000 tons of garbage, heaps of food and  seven million liters of beer make it an amusing yet wasteful event.

“No, [things didn’t get out of hand despite the presence of alcohol],” Brennan said. “It was just a lot of fun, and people danced and enjoyed Oktoberfest.”

Police and Red Cross volunteers were situated in every corner of the festival to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. And despite the dangers of alcohol, authorities assured attendees that there was nothing to be feared.

“Everything was perfectly safe,” Police Explorer junior Bora Oytun said. “Police Explorers and the police departments were constantly on the lookout.”

Aside from the beer, vendors served traditional German food, from bratwurst and sauerkraut to scrumptious apple strudel. Festivities also included non-stop musical performances, notably a yodeling contest with The Bluebirds. Oktoberfest proved a memorable event for beer-lovers and families alike, since it provided such a diverse assortment of activities.

“I definitely recommend this event to families and kids,” Brennan said. “It was a lot of fun.”