Homecoming Parade marches through Carlsbad

Carlsbad Highs football team participated in the annual Homecoming parade, proudly carrying on the Carlsbad tradition.

Hannah Evans

Carlsbad High’s football team participated in the annual Homecoming parade, proudly carrying on the Carlsbad tradition.

Keeping with tradition, class floats, marching band, Lancer Dancers and elementary school representatives partook in the Homecoming parade. Although it may seem old-fashioned, the annual procession never fails to bring joy and entertainment to the Carlsbad community.

“[The parade] brings a sense of community and brings all the elementary schools together,” Carlsbad resident Emile Hansen said. “My daughter loves it, being with her friends at school and seeing the big kids.”

Elementary schools thoroughly enjoy the parade, even though they cannot participate; watching the spectacle with friends and recognizing people in the parade makes for an exciting experience.

“I liked the cheerleaders and the Lancers,” Magnolia Elementary School student Madisyn Castiglilne said. “I saw my big buddy, cousin and friends from dance camp.”

Families return year after year to revel in this established Carlsbad tradition.  Without a doubt, current Carlsbad High students will attend someday with their own children — or grandchildren.

“I think [the parade] is fabulous. They carry it on every year no matter how small or how big,” Carlsbad resident Patricia Steger said. “Look at the excitement in the air. It’s wonderful for the kids growing up and for the kids who are grown up; it brings back memories.”

Although the themes have changed over the years, the mutual feeling of community has never wavered. People of all ages come out to enjoy the parade and see how it has changed and been built upon from past years.

“[This year’s] was a lot bigger than when we had the parade,” CHS ’65 graduate Linda Dresser said. “It [used to be] strictly [Carlsbad] High School with class floats. I was a majorette for the band, [marching] in front of the band.”

Past, current and future Lancers take pride in the parade and the continued commitment which keeps the tradition alive. Carlsbad’s close-knit community reveals itself in moments like these.

“I think [the parade] is great. It keeps [the] community alive and gives inspiration to other kids,” Carlsbad police officer Linda Dedesma said. “One day, they are going to grow up and be in Carlsbad High and get to be in the parade.”