Homecoming casts a spell over CHS


Danny Tajimaroa

Harry Potter enthusiast and sophomore, Alison Pateros, sports her spirit wear in celebration of Harry Potter Day. Many students dressed up as their favorite characters and even went as far as to bring wands, cloaks and the classic round-rimmed glasses.

Carlsbad High took a note from Hogwarts, as muggles and wizards alike prepared for a homecoming of epic proportions. From 2004’s Enchanted Kingdom to 2012’s Disney theme, Lancers have earned the right to take pride in expressing school spirit. This year, we caught the snitch. CHS’s Harry Potter Homecoming was the talk of the wizard world.

“Why not Harry Potter?” junior Georgi Gnibus said. “There are a lot of fun things you can do with it, from dressing up to decorating. Harry Potter has a big fan base, a lot of people like the books and movies.”

Every year, ASB holds a giant brainstorming session before voting on a theme. Collectively, the students turned to recent trends among teenagers for suggestions.

“They throw around ideas and think about which ones will get the kids involved,” ASB director Mrs. Nasser said. “The group voting makes the decision by the kids, for the kids.”

The very first Carlsbad Homecoming crew paraded down Carlsbad Village in Nov. of 1959. Since then, Western rattlers, big cities, heroes and villains have made their way into the celebration. This year it was Mr. Potter who stepped into the limelight. One major change in this year’s Homecoming preparation incorporated increased student involvement; ASB conjured a new spell to be cast over the Homecoming assembly and dance decorations.

“It’s wonderful that our décor was solely kid created, along with the support of parents and the community,” Nasser said.

No magic was needed to get students excited about celebrating this award-winning franchise. On Thursday, students donned Harry Potter spirit wear, whipping out wands and broom sticks.

“I am a big Harry Potter fan,” junior Erika Anderson said. “And personally, I’m excited that so many people are participating in it, too.”

From spirit wear and parading, to dancing and dominating the field,  students dusted off their invisible cloaks and showed off their scars as they welcomed back former Lancers and celebrated a successful 2013 Homecoming.