Freshman candidates tie for class president

Jason Siaosi, co-president with Alexis Mertz, is looking forward to a fun year working with Alexis.

In most modern elections, one person triumphs over his opponent by a landslide. But this year’s freshmen class presidential election broke the mold: candidates Alexis Mertz and Jason Siaosi both won freshman class president. The two will now collaborate to make 2013-2014 an exhilarating start to their next four years of high school.

“I will be constantly involved with the freshmen and will make sure to get things done,” Mertz said. “I am really hoping to get some Lancer spirit into the class this year.”

Mertz relates her delight to having a co-president but also acknowledges the possible hurdles.

“I am really excited to work with Jason. It will be great to get someone else’s opinion on issues,” Mertz said. “At times, it may become challenging because we might disagree, but I am looking forward to working with him.”

Social Siaosi comments on his crowd-swaying powers — showcased at this past election and expected to show itself numerous times in the future.

“I’m going to make a good president because I know lots of people, and I am a very convincing person,” Siaosi said. “Most of the time, I will get what I want.” 

Mertz exhibits a variety of leadership qualities that will assist in their time in office.

“[Alexis] is really good at taking charge, and she runs most of the things that we do,” Siaosi said.

As their first presidential duty, the duo has been laboring on the Homecoming float.

“The theme of the float this year is going to be Hogwarts Castle,” Siaosi said. “That is all I can tell you; the rest is a surprise.” 

Mark your calendars for Sept. 20 and attend the Lancer Day Parade after school in downtown Carlsbad.  The effort Siaosi and Mertz have invested will surely prove itself in their first float entry at the annual parade.

“2013 is going to be a great year for freshmen,” Mertz said.