New director brings fresh perspective to ASB


Sierra Gomperts

Senior Alexa Ott, one of the many ASB members who dedicated her time to make CHS students feel welcome on the first day of school, hangs stars on the front gate of the school. ASB hung approximately 3,000 stars, a student name handwritten on every one, in the hopes of improving our campus spirit and sense of community.

Mrs. Nasser: English teacher, mother of four, proud Lancer. ASB Director now graces this ever-growing list of titles.  

For the first time in 44 years, CHS welcomes a new ASB director, and with a new leader comes a fresh perspective.

“This year is about getting kids more involved and being part of the Lancer spirit,” Nasser said.

Although ASB has always striven to accomplish this goal, it has never been pursued quite as much as Mrs. Nasser plans. She believes everyone can find something they enjoy at CHS, whether it is sports games, club or interesting classes.

“If a kid doesn’t like to go to the football game, that’s fine, but we want the kid to get involved in something they like to do,”  Nasser said. “ There’s something for everybody.”

ASB is extremely positive about the 2013-2014 school year and is ready to embrace its new mission. As a whole, it hopes more people will consider the group approachable and personable to all students on campus.

“We want to make sure no one feels as is if they were left behind,”  ASB President Courtney Benner said.

Although ASB does not intend to implement many drastic changes, they aim to make this campus a better place for everyone, not just those who involve in school spirit.  ASB feels this is an effective way to bring the school together, moving above the differences between students.

“There are 2,900 students on this campus, and I believe there’s a place for everybody.”  Nasser said.

Already, ASB’s efforts have taken effect: participation during school and at sports games has increased in the first few weeks of school.

“We have gotten a lot more people involved in the different sports,” Benner said. “There was a Loud Crowd at the tennis match, and the Purple Pit is packed at football games.”

ASB has started out strong and shows no intention of slowing down.They hope to get as many students involved through pep rallies, assemblies and other activities, thanks, in part, to Mrs. Nasser. With her positive outlook and exciting new ideas, she is well on her way to making this school a better place.

“There was never anything wrong with the school before,” Nasser said. “We just want to be better than we were before.”