Club fair celebrates student involvement


Danny Tajimaroa

Julie Ambo of Interact Club assists new members signing up. The club encourages student involvement in the community.

As the clock strikes lunch, students swarm into Lancer Plaza, only to be met by a circle of clubs consuming the area. On Friday, Sept. 6, Carlsbad High welcomed the annual club fair. From juggling to debating, CHS offers an organization for every interest.

The fair gives club representatives the chance to reach out to the student body and advertise in a very personal manner. Although bombarded by several options, the crowd catches its eye on a select few: organizations that go the extra mile to not only impact Carlsbad’s campus, but the culture of the community as well.

For the perfect example, look no further than Best Buddies. Every Wednesday, one can spend lunch making new friends in room 4002/4003. Club members reach out to students who have developmental disabilities. By creating year-long partnerships between members, Best Buddies provides a unique chance for students to step outside their comfort zones and appreciate people from all different walks of life.

“The club teaches friendship and respect,” senior Henry Gardner said.  “The experience is enriching”.

Meanwhile, Green Club provides a different kind of appreciation. Vocalizing the importance behind being environmentally friendly, the organization celebrates the beauty of nature.

“If you love our Earth, this is the club for you,”  senior Deja Sanders said.

After years of being set on the back burner of campus, Green Club is stepping into the lime light! This year, the group will be proactive, from spreading awareness to holding beach clean ups. All are welcome to join the action every Friday at lunch in room 3106, starting Sept. 13.

Interact Club focuses its time on providing members with numerous opportunities to gather community service hours, in addition to offering an enticing manner to give back to the community. The club lends its time to Carlsbad’s Hi-Noon Rotary and takes part in running an Oktoberfest celebration. To learn more about upcoming events, come join the group on odd Tuesdays in room 3103.

A few clubs work with established organizations. Take, for example, Red Cross Club. This group helps students gather community service hours while supporting its national program. Red Cross Club proves to be a great support to soldiers overseas who work hard to give back to their country. Starting Sept. 12 students can stop by room 2001 every other Thursday at lunch.

“It’s a good opportunity to get involved,” senior Vylana Trang said.

Similarly, Carlsbad High School Wish for Kids works with the Make a Wish Foundation. All are free to join every Wednesday at lunch in room 3101.

“We get to grant one kid’s wish every two years,” junior Gabby Chung said.

Through fundraising, the club follows in the foundation’s footsteps and brightens the future, one child at a time.

As one makes his or her way around the club fair, a specific display screams for attention: Athletes for Rwanda. Its second year on campus, it meets every other Wednesday in room 8006.

“Throughout the year we have fundraisers,” co-founder senior Kaytlin Barr explained. “We are raising money to start an athletic department in an orphanage in Rwanda, Africa”.

The fundraising begins on Oct. 19, with a tennis tournament. All are welcome to compete, so come out and support this charitable cause.

Carlsbad houses a plethora of outlets; the club fair was a sampling of what the campus has to offer. The most valuable moments of life come from experience, and it is wonderfully ideal that our campus provides a unique experiences at an arm’s length. Lancers, go out and seize these opportunities. Leave no club unturned and dedicate yourself to an aspect of community.