New choir teacher takes program up an octave


Lexi Spikerman

Mr. Bullock, a fresh new face to the CHS campus, leads the choir in warmups at the beginning of class. Many students are used to seeing Ms. Owen in the choir room, but at the end of last year she left school to travel to the Ukraine to teach students there.

Suddenly, everything changed.  The school’s choral department recently welcomed a new director to their close knit family. Mr. Bullock, the new Choral Director at Carlsbad High, has replaced the previous director Christy Owen while she completes mission work in Ukraine for two years.

Although the transition seemed difficult at first, the students warmly welcome Mr. B into the program, feeling confident that he is the perfect fit.

“Mr. B is really motivated to make our choir the best it can be,”  junior Grady McDermott said. “He is also teaching us music theory, which will really help with our future music careers.”

Coming from a large choral background, Mr. B is highly qualified to lead the choral department to success. As a college student, he participated in choir, as well as going on to teach music at other schools. He enjoys working with a high school that has such a large performing arts department, because everyone understands the importance of hard work in order to succeed.

“My favorite part has been the work ethic of the students and how much they really want to be excellent with their performance,” Bullock said. “There is just so much ambition and dedication to the choir.”

Choir produces three major shows per year, in addition to countless competitions and festivals. Students prepare all year for these performances, even learning choreography over the summer months.

While Ms. Owen will certainly be missed, students are ready to embark on this journey together and experience Mr.B’s fresh take on the choral program.

“I think having someone new has brought a new dynamic to our choir,” junior Karinya Ghiara said. “I’m excited to see what Mr. B will teach us this year and in bringing him into the choir family, I think we’ll be stronger than ever.”