From protecting the country to protecting the school


Kaitlin Ferguson

Casanova went from protecting the United States through his service in the military to protecting Carlsbad High School as a campus supervisor. He is a staple on campus, well known to most every Carlsbad student.

Kaitlin Ferguson and Grace Fisher

Roger Casanova is currently a campus supervisor at Carlsbad High School and he works every day to keep the students, staff, and administration safe on campus. Before working at Carlsbad, he served in the United States military.

Before working at Carlsbad High School, Casanova had a completely different and admirable career. Casanova served in the United States Marine Corps and made some of his favorite memories while deployed. 

“My job was in the infantry; I served almost 12 years,” Casanova said. “[My most memorable experience while being in the Marine Corps was] the people you meet, your job in general, just seeing the world on someone else’s dime.” 

His prior career being involved in the infantry has led him to his current job and position at CHS. Casanova is involved in many ways through the school and the students. Many students enjoy his presence around campus and the work he does.

“I have always been involved in PO, and my wife actually found the job,” Casanova said. “She knows I tend to be protective and I figured I’m pretty approachable, and always looking out for people, putting everyone first before me. I decided why not protect the school.”

Being surrounded by the school community, Casanova likes to make students feel welcome on campus. His favorite part about his current position is building new relationships with students.

“My favorite part is interacting with the students all day long,” Casanova said. “It’s something different every day, sometimes it’s a happy day, sometimes a medium to sad day depending on the way the students are feeling. You try your best to lift their spirits, or give them the space they need.”

Throughout the many years that Casanova has worked at Carlsbad High School, he has enjoyed seeing the students learn from each other. He shares some advice for current and future students.

“The biggest thing I would like to see is the upperclassmen teach our underclassmen,” Casanova said. “How it is to grow in a high school and learn to be responsible, respectful, and own what is going on in the moment, always striving to be better and more mature.”