Mason Walsh breaks 1000 yards


Courtesy of Mason Walsh

Walsh runs the ball down the field against Inglewood, helping his team score a touchdown.

Brooke Ferguson

Junior Mason Walsh recently broke 1000 yards for the varsity CHS football team. Through hard work and perseverance, he helped lead his team to multiple victories by scoring a total of 18 touchdowns. 

He would not have been able to accomplish these achievements if it was not for his parents’ support. 

“My parents have helped me a lot with football,” Walsh said. “They helped me accomplish my goals by giving me opportunities to privately train with high-level coaches.” 

Walsh’s parents have given him constant support all throughout his high school career. Not only have his parents helped, but his coaches have also helped him improve by providing constant motivation to always work hard.

“Coach Katz has really helped me out because he was always pushing me to give it my best throughout the whole off-season and during the season,” Walsh said. 

The football team is like a family. The athletes are always trying to motivate each other, striving to be the best of the best. Junior Thomas McCormick has helped Walsh with the competitive and aggressive side of the game.

“Thomas McCormick has helped me a lot with football,” Walsh said. “We have always been competitive with each other and trying to push each other to our limits.” 

This past season the football team worked hard putting them first in the Avocado League with a record of 10-2. However, Walsh still had some personal challenges he had to work through so he could be in top form, ready to help bring his team another win. 

“Some challenges that I faced this past season were various injuries,” Walsh said. “I had to go to the trainer’s room almost every day so I could recover and get better quickly for the upcoming games we had.”

Although Walsh faced some ups and downs throughout the season he never stopped trying to achieve his goal of breaking 1000 yards. After giving 100% every game and with the support of his parents and teammates, he was able to accomplish this goal. 

“Going into the game, I was pretty confident that I was going to break 1000 yards,” Walsh said. “But at the same time, I had to rush for 450 yards. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was ready to help lead my team through another victory and I was ready to break this goal.”

Walsh hopes to win more games next season and has more goals that he hopes to accomplish. 

“This season my main goal was to rush over 1000 yards,” Walsh said. “Luckily with the help of my teammates, coaches, and parents, I accomplished that goal.”