Q&A: Principal Redfield


Brooke Ferguson

C’s up Lancers. Carlsbad’s new principal, Julie Redfield, shows lots of excitement for the upcoming school year.

Brooke Ferguson

Lancer Link: What are some of the things that embody the Lancer spirit?

Julie Redfield: School culture is a huge part of the Lancer spirit. I encourage students to take advantage of everything Carlsbad has to offer, because there are so many opportunities to embrace our lancer spirit which makes the high school experience unforgettable.


LL: How would you describe your relationship with your students?

JR: I think it’s great. I love all the kids and building relationships with them. I like to know their stories and want to be a part of their high school journey.  I like to build up relationships and be a part of any environment they’re in.


LL: What emotions did you feel when you found out that you had the opportunity to be our principal?

JR: I was excited when I found out that they promoted me internally. I thought that it was a very kind thing to do. It was nice to know that they trusted me, so I felt really good and honored.


LL: Why do you think Carlsbad High School is so important to the Carlsbad community?

JR: Traditions. A lot of Carlsbad community members that live here went to Carlsbad High School and they take a lot of pride in it. We have alumni constantly coming to games and supporting our school. I always say, “Once a Lancer, always a Lancer.”


LL: What made you decide that you wanted to work with this school district?

JR: When I was in elementary school I always wanted to be a teacher, so I went through my teaching program and became a teacher. Then I went into counseling and I loved it. Naturally, things started happening with me and leadership roles when I came to Carlsbad Unified and they moved me up to Assistant Principal and from there they moved me up to Principal.


LL: Was there ever a particular moment that inspired you to become an educator?

JR: There was never a particular moment that inspired me to be an educator, but the biggest motivator for me was just really wanting to be around students and make a difference in their lives.