Explore the Astronomy club: a new club on campus


Courtesy of Tressa Davies

Students come together in room 2009 for an Astronomy Club meeting.

Scarlett Savage, Reporter

After returning back to campus this school year, we have seen many new clubs join Carlsbad High School. The astronomy club is an up-and-coming club that was started this year by junior Nicole Park. This club engages in learning about the planets and the stars.

This club was created just this year and meets every Wednesday in room 2009. Junior vice president, Tressa Davies, gave insight on some of the activities they participate in.

“As the vice president I help Nicole, [the club president], set up and take charge of our meetings,” Davies said. “Our meetings are super fun and casual [and] we talk about constellations and planets.”

During their meetings, the club participates in hands-on activities and projects they have been working on throughout the month. They even plan excursions for outside-of-school activities.

“We do stargazing trips, fun stuff, and last [club meeting] we made star dials,” Park said. “Today we’re making posters for the club fair.”

Starting up a new club during a pandemic was difficult, but they managed to do so and gain many interested members.

“I’ve always been interested in astronomy and zodiac signs and I really wanted to learn more about the constellation aspect of it.” member Tia Crowley said.

Many members had different reasons as to why they had been interested in joining this club however the common factor is a love for celestial objects. The club works together in order to make their outside-of-school trips possible, starting with fundraising.

“Currently we are working to raise money for a telescope to bring on stargazing trips,” Park said.

The astronomy club has something to offer to everyone. From zodiac signs to constellations, this club provides a variety of topics for its members to learn about.

“I really love stars and how beautiful they are,” Davies said.