Women in STEM Club empowers students

Keira Kane, Social Media Editor

Women in STEM Club is a club for women who are passionate about everything STEM-related. Biology teacher Candy Chesnut runs the club, teaching women about STEM with empowering activities.

Sophomore Giselle Zulick is a member of the club and thinks that inspiring women in the STEM field is important. She is passionate about being involved in the club.

“Many women aren’t recognized in the STEM field, so our club is about empowering women and recognizing that women in STEM are important,” Zulick said. 

Having this club at CHS really can bring women together. Finding people with similar interests is a great way to build friendships. 

“My favorite thing about the club is being able to be in a space with a bunch of other girls who have the same passion as I do,” Zulick said.

CHS offers a diverse array of clubs, each with its unique goal. They club immerses its members in all things STEM.

“I was inspired to do the club because I love STEM and I thought it would be more immersed in it,” Zulick said. 

There are many different activities that occur during club meetings. Whether the club is participating in STEM activities or listening to guest speakers, there is always a lot to do. 

“A typical club meeting is either a guest speaker who works in the STEM field, STEM advice from upperclassmen or a STEM interactive activity such as programming in Scratch,” Zulick said. 

Since there are many activities the club undertakes, members have their favorites. The activities involve fun aspects while still learning about STEM topics.

“My favorite activity has been the building a structure with marshmallows and pasta activity,” Zulick said. 

Junior Chloe Norton is also a member of the club. She finds that the club is a good way for her to participate in STEM-related conversations. 

“I was inspired to join the club after hearing about it for the first time, since I have previously experienced being shut down in scientific conversations or have had my role diminished in a science classroom because I’m a woman,” Norton said. 

The club offers many opportunities to meet people who share the same interest. Sophomore Meera Mor is also a member of the club and believes that it can bring countless people together.

“It is a great way to meet with people outside of my usual classes who are interested in the same subjects as me,” Mor said. 

In a male-dominated field, it is important  that women have opportunities to share their knowledge. Women in STEM Club is a great way for women to not be stopped because of their gender. 

“The club provides confidence for women so when they come into the workforce, they are prepared and know how to overcome gender based obstacles,” Mor said.