From student to teacher: CHS alumni

Keira Kane, Social Media Editor

Being a student at Carlsbad High School can have lifelong effects on people. There are multiple teachers at CHS who spent their four years of high school as a Lancer. The Lancer legacy and spirit is what brings former students back to CHS. 

CHS counselor and surf team coach Jake Blackburn is a Carlsbad High School alumni. Blackburn attended all three public schools in the district including Magnolia Elementary, Valley Middle School and Carlsbad High School.

“I got a lot out of being a student and growing up here in the city of Carlsbad,” Blackburn said. “There were a lot of people that made a positive impact in my life through growing up and going to Magnolia, Valley and Carlsbad High School. To be able to stay in a community that I got a lot out of and be able to give back to the kids meant a lot to me.”

Many alumni-turned-staff believe that growing up in Carlsbad and attending CHS has allowed them to give back to the community that raised them. There has been a new wave of students getting involved in a variety of clubs and activities instead of just sticking to one. 

“Now, I feel like kids are more inclusive, which is awesome,” Blackburn said. “I really think kids are more accepting and more inclusive now than what they were thirty years ago.”

Many people who grow up in Carlsbad find their way back. Certain teachers at CHS participate in multiple activities before or while teaching such as coaching a sport at the school. CHS Spanish 4 AP teacher and ASB advisor embraces the Lancer spirit in his everyday job. 

“I was coaching freshman and JV soccer while I was in school at San Diego State, and so I wanted to be a teacher and I grew up in Carlsbad,” Riccitelli said. “For me, if I was going to be in San Diego, there was no other school to be at other than Carlsbad High School.”

Riccitelli has always been involved in multiple activities and classes throughout his journey at CHS. Carlsbad is continuing to grow and the teacher alumni can see the change and growth. 

“Carlsbad kids are just different, in terms they have this sense of pride in their community and their school,” Riccitelli said. “Carlsbad as a city is much bigger now than when I grew up here, but in some ways, the Carlsbad High School community still has that feel of this one high school town where everybody supports each other and is there for each other.” 

Riccitelli has made friends during his time at CHS who he still keeps in touch with now. 

“I met my wife here senior year, so obviously that’s a big moment; we went to prom together,” Riccitelli said. 

Many people have made special connections at CHS. Blackburn believes that students are becoming more and more involved in many different types of school activities.

“It’s pretty amazing when you sit down and you talk to students about the things that they are involved in and the things they do,” Blackburn said. “All the different sports, extracurriculars, hobbies, everything that students do, I’m pretty blown away all the time; all the positive things [students] do on a daily basis.”