Five local social distancing activities


Strawberry picking at the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. Photo by Maia Vadun.

Maia Vadun, Reporter

While the coronavirus pandemic has led to social distancing measures to reduce the spread of the virus, there are still fun activities that can be done six feet apart. Here are five things to do in Carlsbad that can be completed while social distancing.

The Strawberry Fields

This is a perfect activity to do while still social distancing because the rows are distanced apart. Anyone who is visiting must wear a mask while buying containers. Once you get in the fields you are not required to wear a mask. The fields are so big that you don’t have to come into contact with anyone that you don’t know. While the strawberries here are more expensive than ones you would get from the grocery store, the price is worth the fun experience of picking them. The small container is $10, and each additional guest is $5. This is a fun and local activity to do if you’re wanting to get out of the house but still keep at a safe distance from others.

Carlsbad Lagoon has reopened. Photo by Maia Vadun.

Carlsbad Lagoon:

The next activity that you can do with a friend or family member is visiting the Agua Hedionda lagoon. The rental place is now open and has a large variety of equipment to use. You can rent paddle boards, kayaks, boats and more. This is a fun way to get some fresh air and get out of the house. With friends or family, you can try out any of these activities. Since the lagoon is very large, there is a ton of room and a low chance that you’ll come into contact with any strangers. The rentals go from $20 for a kayak to $155 for a boat. This is a great activity if you’re looking to get outside yet still be socially distanced. 

Bike Rides:

The third activity that you can do with your friends or family is go on a bike ride. There are so many beautiful and nice trails and roads in Carlsbad to ride on. One of the prettiest places to ride bikes is down the 101. This is a great activity to do for many reasons. First, you will still be distanced from everyone while riding, and you’re getting a great amount of exercise. Additionally, if you already own a bike, then this activity is completely free. However, if you don’t own a bike, many stores are still open for renting. The bike rental shop Pedego in Carlsbad Village is open and has rentals. This is a great way to get out but still be safe. 

Movie screen and projector in a backyard. Photo by Maia Vadun.

Movie Screen:

Another idea is to watch a movie, but, in a unique way. This way you will still be following social distancing guidelines, yet you can still have a fun movie night with family. For this activity, you will need a projector and a screen (you can also use a white sheet as a screen). You can set the projector and screen up in a front yard or backyard. Then, place however many chairs are needed six or more feet apart. Everyone can bring their own snacks and blankets so it is safe. With this idea, you can take a normal activity that you used to partake in and make it socially distanced. 

Walking the trails at Batiquitos Lagoon. Photo by Maia Vadun.


This idea is similar to bike riding, but can still be super fun. Recently, many places in Carlsbad reopened for walking like the lagoons, beaches and places to hike. However, if you don’t want to venture out that far, you can go for a socially distanced walk in your own neighborhood. This is another great activity where you are getting out and getting exercise while still hanging out with a friend or family member.