Dancing her way to the top


Courtesy of Mya Fuchs

Lancer Dancers crowd together after finishing the half-time performance at the first football game of the year. It was Fuchs’ first game as a Lancer Dancer.

The varsity dance team, Lancer Dancers, are known for their hip hop dances and competitive spirit. This year, Mya Fuchs is one of two freshmen who proved their skills early on and made their way to the varsity team. 

Participating in Lancer Dancers requires a lot of time as well as hard work and dedication. As a freshman on varsity, Fuchs spends a significant amount of her free time at practice and never misses an opportunity to learn something new while dancing. Her teammate, junior Lauren Montano, describes Fuchs as an all-around great member of the team. 

“Mya is a great teammate that you can always count on,” Montano said. “She learns the dances fast and has so many great skills.”

Mya is a great teammate that you can always count on. She learns the dances fast and has so many great skills.

— Lauren Montano

Incoming freshman are rarely placed on the varsity team. As a result, Fuchs had to put in a great deal of hard work to be able to dance with girls that are up to three years older than her. 

“I feel very proud of myself,” Fuchs said. “I know it’s a big accomplishment, and I feel super happy to be on the varsity team.”

The Lancer Dancers practice after school, perform at all the football games, put on showcases throughout the year and compete in tournaments around the country. The program as a whole takes up a lot of time in the girls’ schedules.

“Even though varsity dance can be a big commitment, Mya keeps working hard,” Montano said. “She is probably one of the hardest workers on the team.”

With the many practices and events, it can be overwhelming for students to manage school work along with continuing in their passion. But, despite the many commitments of Lancer Dancers,  the people and experiences make it a fulfilling team to be apart of. The varsity team is known for being a close and supportive group where members become a part of a family away from home.

“[The most rewarding thing has been] making more friends and being able to be a part of an amazing dance team,” Fuchs said. “I like dancing with the older girls because it pushes me to be my best.”

With support from her family and friends, Fuchs continues to push herself toward a brighter future in dance. It can be hard to be a new member of a team, but Lancer Dancers have been welcoming to their new teammates. 

“Mya is an incredible dancer,” Montano said. “We’re all so excited she’s dancing with us this year.”