Lancer Dancers dance their way into the new season


Maddie Ward

Senior, Maya Wong, and sophomore, Nicole Burke, dance during the USA game pep rally, Friday, Sept. 15. The Lancer Dancers work to hype up students for the game during the pep rally.

Jenna McMahon

It’s halftime and the Lancer Dancers take center stage; the music starts playing and they begin their performance. Loud Crowd goes wild and everyone in the stands is cheering. Performing at halftime is a great opportunity for the team before they go into their new season.

“Dancing at football games is one of my favorite parts of being on LD, I love how everyone is always involved, and it makes it that much more enjoyable to perform in front of your school and under Friday night lights,” senior Lindsay Foster said.

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The Lancer Dancers spend a week preparing their performances for the football games. The team has to learn the dance, clean it up and make sure their cardio is performance ready. Being a part of a nationally-ranked team is a very big commitment resulting in the girls spending a lot of time on their routines.

“It’s a lot of commitment, you have to be focused at all times, if we don’t get enough done we will end up staying later,” sophomore Nicole Burke said.

The Lancer Dancers have four captains, all of them in different grades. Being a captain of a team requires a little bit more work,  have to be willing to put in the effort.

“As captain, I have a lot of responsibilities inside and outside of practice,” Foster said.

Captains choreograph dances for the team, keep the team organized by staying on top of events and performances, speak at community events, and overall, we help keep the team motivated. Captains lead by example, and influence positivity to the team.”

The Lancer Dancers are the number 1 dance team in the nation. The team placed 1st at UDA Nationals in 2017 and were the World Champions in 2016. Being such a high-ranked team requires the girls to manage their time between their dance and schoolwork, but it can also be fun and a great learning experience.

“Being captain is a big responsibility, and also a great honor,” Foster said. “I’ve had the opportunity to be captain again as a senior, and I love being able to lead, support and learn from my teammates everyday.”