Life after school


Courtesy of Ana Rodriguez

Juniors Lucas Rood and Ryan Simmons relax after school. Relaxing after school is necessary in order to counter the stress of school.

During school, many of us follow a similar schedule. First period, break, second period, lunch, last period and then we go home. However, once we all leave school, the schedules of Carlsbad High School students become unique to each individual. Some focus on their demanding homework, others attend extra educational classes and many go to their extra curricular activities.

For junior Reagan Phillips, she focuses on her several honors and AP classes that take up her school schedule. She takes hours out of her day to prepare for these courses. On top of that, she recently began attending ACT preparation classes to ensure her ACT score is up to her high standards. On top of all of this, she is also a current member of the varsity dance team that recently won a national championship title.

“I don’t have a lot of free time after school,” Phillips said. “I usually come home and do homework for a couple of hours. I also go to ACT prep classes a couple of times a week and those are for a few hours at night. Sometimes I have to push all my homework back because I will have practice for Lancer Dancers. Since nationals is over, we have been focusing on preparing for community events and our spring show.”

One of Phillips teammates on Lancer Dancers, junior Lily Dodge, also juggles a unique schedule. Dodge attends Carlsbad Dance Centre and has to go to her weekly classes most days of the week. This is on top of her dance team practices and nightly homework.

At times, I have to go straight from school to dance team practice to dance at my studio. Those days are pretty stressful and I get tired.

— Lily Dodge

“I come home after school and usually take a break to just relax,” Dodge said. “Eventually I have to go to dance for a few hours, sometimes it’s three. If dance is really late I eat dinner before dance but sometimes I just eat it when I get home when I am doing homework. At times, I have to go straight from school to dance team practice to dance at my studio. Those days are pretty stressful and I get tired.”

While some, like Dodge and Phillips, prefer to keep busy after school, others like to focus on relaxing after the long school day. Junior Ryan Simmons prefers a relaxing after school routine.

“I don’t do a lot after school,” Simmons said. “I actually hang out at school for 30 minutes to wait for all the traffic to clear. After that I go home and play video games and do homework if I have any. Sometimes I hang out with some friends if they are free, but for the most part I keep my time after school really open and relaxing.”

As seen, CHS students all experience different events and activities after school. Dodge, Phillips and Simmons all have different priorities after school that they like to focus on. Even though some are busier than others, they all know what goes into their typical after school routine.

“My schedule is really busy,” Phillips said. “But I like to stay busy and know I am productive and getting things done.”