Lancers perform at Emmys Governors Ball


Courtesy of Maison Hollander

Hollander (back left corner) and other Reverb Tap Company members entertain the Emmys Governors Ball guests by dancing to “I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

The Emmys Governors Ball is an event that rounded out the weekend of the Creative Arts Emmys. All the artists flooded into a beautiful venue for food, celebration and a surprise performance from some of our very own Lancer’s. The two performers included freshman Maison Hollander and senior Samara Anderson. Hollander and Anderson were able to tap alongside other advanced dancers to give the celebrities entertainment to go along with their meal.

The attendees of this event included people seen in music videos, famous viral videos, movies and TV shows. The guest list was extensive, and allowed Hollander to have a unique Saturday night filled with seeing and talking to some of our favorite Hollywood stars.

“I saw Bill Nye,” Hollander said. “I also saw Sarah Drew, who plays April on Grey’s Anatomy. Some of my other friends got to see Adam Levine and Lin-Manuel Miranda who is the playwright and composer of Hamilton.”

“It was an amazing event and the venue inside is gorgeous.”

— Maison Hollander

Following the Creative Arts Emmys, celebrities are invited to a high-end ball where they are able to recap their day. For many of the people in the audience, they are used to being the performers, but the roles were reversed when Hollander and Anderson got to be the entertainment of the night for the stars.

“This past weekend was the Creative Arts Emmys,” Hollander said. “After the Emmys on Saturday and Sunday there was a Governors Ball for both of them that a few of us got the opportunity to perform at.”

The Emmys Governors Ball proved to be a great way to end the long day. From the luxurious food to the surprise performance, it was a night of smiles and accomplishments for everyone involved in the annual event. For Hollander, specifically, she got to be involved in something that brought new experiences and a night of special memories, courtesy of the hard working people who put together this event.

“It was an amazing experience,” Hollander said. “The venue inside is gorgeous. We had a press event where we got to walk around the venue and we got to taste appetizers of the food that was going to be fed inside and it was amazing. It was the best food I had ever had and it was really just a cool experience.”