Art makes a splash at annual community event


Marianna Marsden

Lancer Dancers wow the crowd at Art Splash on Saturday. Art Splash raises money for arts and music programs in Carlsbad schools.

You’re walking down a familiar road when you hear music.  You decide to investigate and continue down the street. The music gets louder and louder and what you thought was just a regular avenue is actually an outdoor art museum.

This past weekend art made a splash in Carlsbad. Kids, teens, parents and performers gathered together to support the art community. Even Carlsbad High School’s very own dance team performed.

“We prepare a variety of dances to perform at Art Splash because we love to give back to the community by participating in the Carlsbad events! We spend a couple hours preparing our numbers and talking about the importance of these events,” Lancer Dancer coach Laura Nares said.

“We’ve been practicing and working on keeping our energy up. We’re excited to perform so we can give back to the community. It’s really fun to see all of Carlsbad come together and support us and art as a whole,” junior Xcalibur dancer Catherine Lee said.  We’re really thankful for the opportunity to perform and inspire future dancers.”

Artists displayed their drawings and paintings to the art world. Kids came together to take part in all sorts of art such as dance, drawing and performing.

“The dancing was really impressive and engaging to watch,” junior Leslie Nelson said.  “It was really nice to see the little kids getting the opportunity to dance on the stage. And the art was amazing. It’s just a fun event to take part in.”

Next time Art Splash comes around be sure to join in: it’s a great way for kids and teens to express their creativity and discover new interests. Art surrounds us in thousands of ways everyday, why not give thanks and celebrate the art community.