AVID announces senior standout: Marisol Villalpando


Jake Saftig

Senior Marisol Villalpando works in Mr. Spanier’s English 4 AP class. These students carry a heavy workload and develop themselves as writers.

Haley Spanier, Editor-In-Chief

This year, Marisol Villalpando was chosen to be the 2015-16 AVID Senior Standout. This award recognizes a senior who has been part of the AVID program at least three years, has taken at least two AP classes, meets a GPA requirement and will attend a four-year college.

“Mr. Spanier and I will talk every winter when it’s time to nominate our senior standout, so we look at seniors who have challenged themselves and who put themselves out there in leadership roles,” AVID coordinator Mrs. Britton said. “So once the student meets those requirements that are set forth by the AVID organization, we start to look at the seniors who qualify, and Marisol, based on her leadership skills, being a part of different organizations and activities not only on campus but outside of campus helped us to choose her.”

After discussion, AVID teachers Britton and Spanier announced to Villalpando and the other AVID students that she had been chosen as the standout.

“Both AVID teachers were there and they announced it in front of the class,” Villalpando said. “I was a little surprised, I mean, it was always something I’ve had in the back of my mind because in 8th grade I received the same award, so I thought if I continue to work hard maybe I can get it at the high school level as well, but I didn’t really expect it.”

The AVID program is designed to teach leadership and time management skills as well as provide information and resources for college. As a member of the AVID program since 7th grade, the program has played an influential role in Villalpando’s life.

“It means a lot because the AVID program has always been important to me, it’s kept me going to pursue my dreams and go to college,” Villalpando said. “It just makes me happy that I was able to be recognized for this because the program means that much to me.”

For incoming students wondering if they should join the AVID program or not, Villalpando offers the following advice:

“I would tell them that it’s a good option for them, especially if they are first generation students, because it’s a great resource for them to learn more about college and how to get there and what they have to do, just to be prepared and successful in college,” Villalpando said. “It teaches them to be good leaders and it is just a great resource altogether.”