Get to know our newest Lancer teachers

Ms. Ihle is a new spanish teacher at Carlsbad high school. She previously worked at San Dieguito.

Mackinley Sebahar, Sports editor

As the new year rolls in, so do the teachers. Here’s a little information to get to know them better:

The Lancer Link: Which subject(s) do you teach?

Ms. Ihle: Spanish.

Mr. Galizio: Biology, sheltered biology and sheltered geometry.

Mrs. Eubanks: English for sophomores.


LL: Where were you before teaching at CHS?

Ihle: I taught at San Dieguito in Encinitas. And then before that, I came from the midwest. I’m from Minnesota.

Galizio: I graduated from here in 1981. I was accepted to San Diego State and didn’t have money to go, so I instead took some time off and worked and went to Mira Costa. I transferred to UC Santa Barbara. I spent almost twenty years as an environmental consultant and then changed to teaching after that. The previous two years I was actually the science lab manager at Carlsbad and then the second semester I took over as a long-term substitute for a teacher who wasn’t there. So last year I did Statistics and Algebra I and the year before I did Chemistry and Physics. I’ve taught at Army Navy, Orange Glen, and Hoover.

Eubanks: This is a second career for me. I have been trying to find full-time work for the last four years. I’ve worked in every single district from Escondido to Oceanside. So basically anywhere you can get to on the 78.


LL: How has your time at CHS been so far?

Ihle: It’s been really fun. The students I have are really awesome. It’s been a learning experience for sure. I thoroughly enjoy working here just because it’s my community as well, so it’s very cool to be able to represent my community as a teacher here.

Galizio: I enjoy it. Like I said, I graduated from here and my wife graduated from here and my son graduated from here. There are quite a few Carlsbad High graduates that are teaching here. It is different, the old gym is the only building that was left from when I was a student. The Carlsbad Community Arts Center was under construction but hadn’t opened yet. The only teacher that is still here from when I graduated is Monica Hall.

Eubanks: It is been fun. What is really cool is that I was a Lancer in high school. I did not go here, but that was the mascot for my school so that brought back memories. It’s a very different vibe since you guys are closer to the beach. I have lived at the beach but it has still been interesting. There is kind of a different flow of the way things go so I have been adjusting to that.


LL: What is your favorite thing to do outside of teaching?

Ihle: I do a lot of arts and I also do a lot of exercise.

Galizio: Spending time with my family.

Eubanks: I’m a mom and I have a nine year old daughter so I try to spend time with her. We love going to the movies and musical theatre, I just took her to see Annie.


L L: Favorite food?

Ihle: It sounds strange but I’m going to say cereal because I can not go through the cereal isle without spending ten minutes in there.

Galizio: It depends on the mood. Favorite food depends on the mood.

Eubanks: Sushi.


LL: Favorite color?

Ihle: Turquoise and purple are pretty much my favorite colors.

Galizio: Blue.

Eubanks: Blue.


LL: What is your spirit animal?

Ihle: I really associate with my dog. My dog has lots of energy and is very loving.

Galizio: Probably a dog.

Eubanks: A sea turtle. One of the reasons is because sea turtles don’t ever go backwards, they are constantly moving  forwards. They’re journey is always forward and the past is the past.