“A night with the stars on Broadway” brings change to the spring choir show


Deborah Dodaro

Sound Express performs Sweeney Todd during their “A Night With the Stars on Broadway” concert. Several hours of time and effort were put into rehearsal to ensure the best performance possible.

Monique Dufault, A&E Editor

This spring, the Carlsbad High School choral department transported their audience to the streets of New York with its Broadway inspired concert entitled “A Night With the Stars on Broadway.”

The annual performance in 2015 has changed a bit from last year’s performance in multiple ways.

“First of all, the performance is normally two days and we usually perform our set for competition, but this year it is going to be different,” junior and Sound Express member Kammy Carbone said. “One change is that this year we are doing all Broadway songs. There is also going to be a pre-show with lots of solo group acts so come early to enjoy. Throughout the whole show there are going to be solo group acts, group songs and an all male number, too.”

There is one new modification to the spring show that was felt in the wallets of the audience members.

“The ticket prices went up this year because the choral department is struggling a little bit financially,” Carbone said. “We are trying to fundraise more in general to help as well. Raising the ticket price and only performing for one night was a good opportunity to raise some more money for choir.”

As with all shows put on by the CHS performing arts programs, several hours of practice were dedicated to rehearsal in order to get ready for the performance.

“We have been rehearsing the Broadway music for this show for a while, but we are trying to fit in practice for our set too because our competition season is coming up soon,” junior and Sound Express member Madison Headlee said. “So during rehearsals we have been splitting our time in half to prepare for both events. We have also added in some singing rehearsals to help prepare us to put on a good show.”

Regardless of the price, choir prepared to put on a great show and enjoy every minute of it while captivating the audience.

“My favorite part about being in choir for my three years of high school would be all the fun I have performing on stage with all the people whom I am closest with,” Carbone said.