Dorin Coffler demands success


Dorin Coffler,12, is one of the Champion Lancers. Throughout first semester they would visit elementary schools and speak about staying healthy and working hard.

Gillian Allen , Writer

Dedicated, down-to-earth, dynamic: these are only a few of the words that best describe senior Dorin Coffler. While senioritis runs rampant through the class of 2015, Coffler has managed to steer clear of the prevalent plague and top-off her high school career with a bang.

Between balancing swimming, Israeli Scouts of San Diego, rigorous academics, Champion Lancers and many more activities, Coffler has become a driven and dazzling young adult ready to delve into the post-high school adventure.

“In winter of 2011, I decided to join together with some close friends to create the first San Diego chapter of Israeli Scouts,” Coffler said. “This youth organization is popular in Israel but little is known to Israeli-Americans.”

As a counselor to younger students, Coffler devotes at least six hours a week to Scouts and many weekends to camping retreats with the organization.

“All activities are conducted in Hebrew which helps everyone create a connection with Israel and develop our Jewish identities,” Coffler said.

Israeli Scouts has helped Coffler make an impact in the community by using her leadership skills to educate youth in independence, personal and social responsibility. Champion Lancers is another activity of Coffler’s that has allowed her to continue her passion for positively impacting the community.

“The Champion Lancers act as role models by living drug and alcohol free, excelling in school and being involved in extracurricular activities,” Coffler said. “We visited nine elementary schools in the district to present the program and speak to the students about making positive and healthy choices. It was fun to present to the kids and see how excited they were when they could relate to us and look up to us.”

With a 4.8 GPA for her first semester of senior year, it is clear that Coffler works well under pressure, knows how to manage her time and get her priorities in order. Despite the several AP and honors classes that Coffler has taken throughout high school, she has always dedicated time for her friends and her hobbies.

“In my free time, I like to swim, hang out with my friends and go on trips with my family,” Coffler said. “Two summers ago, my family and I went to Israel and it was really fun to see the rest of my family there, celebrate my cousin’s wedding and eat all the delicious food.”

As polished as she is, Coffler still sets goals for herself to achieve more. She is determined to continue living a healthy lifestyle and make the most out of her senior year.

“I’m excited for the new chapter of my life and learning more about what I like in college,” Coffler said. “I can’t wait to meet new people on my new adventures.”