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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

Local Wings N’ Things puts kids into incomprehensible food comas

Local Wings N Things puts kids into incomprehensible food comas

Located off of the Jefferson exit on the 78 east, Wings N’ Things resides peacefully in a suburban mall. This hidden gem is the home to many hot wing connoisseurs.

The inside is filled with sport related equipment and lcd TV screens which play ESPN until you’re fully caught up with the successes of the MLB, NBA, and NFL. The environment is perfect for a 16 to 18 year old boy and the food only compliments the ambiance.

Wings are served with either mild, medium, hot, very hot or atomic hot sauce. If you are looking for a challenge of the pallet the menu surely delivers. Although the menu can burn your taste buds off, it’s not supposed to. The Combo meal of five piece boneless wings with extra breadsticks will render your body useless and fill you to the brim as you sit back in your chair.

The “food coma” is redefined at Wings N’ Things. The combination of hot wings with salty breadsticks and juicy veggies completes the healthy food triangle and supplies the buyer with the nutrients needed for a quick school lunch visit.

There are many ways to go about eating your wings. You can sporadically dunk your meat into ranch and other specialty dips, or eat them by themselves and follow with a breadstick or two. However, the ideal or prime way to eat your wings at Wings N’ Things is the breadstick sandwich combo. By cutting your breadstick to simulate a sandwich bun you can then place your wings into the breadstick to make a sandwich.

This combination of intelligence and beauty fulfills all food and nutritional desires. The amazing wing sandwich can then be dunked into various dips which further add to the ecstasy of devouring such a gift from God.

The location is ideal with various other stores close by such as Gamestop, Toys R Us and Subway. The servers are extremely friendly and will make sure your visit is worth your while. Go out today and eat at Wings N’ Things. You will not regret it.

Unless you’re allergic to chicken. Then Don’t go.

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Jack Beetham
Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief
Reading, writing and listening to classical music are some of the many leisure activities senior Jack Beetham likes to do in his spare time. Born an eight pound Australian citizen, Jack is a wonderful addition to the journalism squad. He loves to roam the streets of Bali, and to help build jungle gyms.

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  • S

    SEANJun 10, 2013 at 11:46 am

    first off it sounds like you got paid to write a review on wingnthings…. nothing about the coma the article is titled… second i dont know if you know but around 2005-2007 a 5 strip meal w/ breadsticks cost 3.99-4.99 depending on where you go… now a 4 strip meal cost upwards of 7 bux and its now over 9 dollars for a 5 strip meal… and then if i want cheese sticks it gets rediculous. basically i went from spending around 5-8 dollars a meal to 15. and on top of that when theyre hurting for cash they sell you half strips as fulls…. happened a few times and me and all my friends stopped going there. now lets look at how much their prices have inflated versus the american dollar…. we are getting raped… especially when they are using half strips. And then they want 75 cents for a ranch sauce that costs 5c to make….. granted the food is good but if you want to learn how to make it, it doesnt take much time and you get 2 times your chicken or more and its a short cooking process….. i stopped buying and started making them when they cut the strips in half…. FRANKS RED HOT SAUCE IS THE KEY!!!!!!!! ADD BUTTER IF YOU WANT IT MILDER!!!!!!!!!

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Local Wings N’ Things puts kids into incomprehensible food comas