Sub Zero more of a zero

Emilee Foltz, staff writer

Watch as the ice cream magically appears right in front of you. Sub Zero, a new ice cream concept, is slowly growing in the local Carlsbad area.

Many people are attracted to Sub Zero for a few reasons: it’s new and it’s made with liquid nitrogen. While traditional ice cream is already ready for customers, Sub Zero makes the ice cream right there.

This ice cream isn’t any regular old sweet treat due to the way its made. It’s just a little milk and liquid nitrogen and all of a sudden the ice cream appears. Also, if you have really particular tastes or special dietary needs its really easy to customize.

To make one, all you have to do is first pick a cup size. Then choose your base; which means regular milk, soy milk or even rice milk. Finally, decide what flavor your ice cream’s going to be and if you want anything mixed in, like oreo pieces or strawberries. They mix it all together with liquid nitrogen and viola: ice cream. There are numerous flavors to choose from, anything from plain vanilla to root beer. But beware, be prepared to pay a minimum of $4-$6 for a small cup.

While Sub Zero attracts many new curious customers everyday, I personally wouldn’t make it my go to ice cream place. Everyone loves ice cream and we all have that one spot to go when a treat is needed. With ice cream starting at $4, and the price going way up from there, the chances of choosing it over a scoop of say Rite Aid ice cream for a dollar a scoop are pretty slim.

Definitely, a must-go-to-one-time place simply for the experience, but beyond that it’s really not that special. The ice cream might be a little too sweet and have a poor ice cream to candy ratio mixed in. Because it’s one of those places everyone just has to try once, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years its more of a tourist trap than a local ice cream stop.