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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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‘The Host’ invades theaters


If you think this movie’s about vampires, then you’re in the wrong theater. Stephanie Meyer’s new movie adapted book, ‘The Host’, involves another type of creature altogether.

The main character Melanie/Wanda (Saoirse Ronan) ,the host, is a fiercely compassionate girl who is loyal to her family despite being ‘invaded’ by the aliens called ‘the hosts’. Although this film may not be a hit Oscar winner of the year, it is definitely worth seeing for the simple pure enjoyment of the movie.

As the human race becomes taken over by aliens, few humans still remain who fight back in attempts to rid the planet of humans all together. Their goal: to create a uniform “better” version of the universe. However, how can the monotonicity of a uniform world really be the key to a better life?

The last few humans remaining pact together to take a stand against the aliens taking over their home. Although Melanie gets taken over by a host, known as Wanda, Melanie’s powerful human memories of love and family convince Wanda to join them in the fight against the hosts. The movie moves through Melanie and Wanda’s journey as they each begin to understand the other and ways of life people live.

And of course in typical Stephanie Meyer fashion, there is a classic Edward/ Jacob style love triangle. With Melanie and Wanda in the same body, conflicting emotions rise between the two leading men; Melanie’s long love Jared and Wanda’s growing yearn for Ian. Thankfully, this time it does not take four movies before the leading lady can work out a choice between the two.

The struggle for humanity reminds the audience how valuable human compassion and simple happiness is. Despite your feelings toward Stephanie Meyer’s previous movie saga consisting of love triangles and vampires, The Host will give you two hours filled with a thrilling sci-fi escape.



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Emilee Foltz, staff writer
I love to read, write, and color. I play water polo. My favorite non domesticated animal is a sea turtle:)

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‘The Host’ invades theaters