The British invade once more

Julie Ambo, News Editor

“The British are coming, the British are coming!”  Surprisingly, Paul Revere’s supposed declaration during the Revolutionary War correlates to the present day; now, more than two centuries later, the British have, indeed, arrived. While they originally invaded to keep control of the US, the British now desire domination in the music and entertainment industries… and are succeeding.

Recall the 1960’s, when the British Invasion, a phenomenon when UK rock and pop music greatly influenced the US, reigned. Boasting acts like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, whose fame perseveres to this very day, the movement’s Britain-born stars enticed us not only with their attractive accents, but with their catchy tunes. And, as it is said that history inevitably repeats itself, we have fallen for these Europeans once more.

Five stunningly attractive members, each endowed with a charming British accent; what more could you ask for?  Renowned for its participation in The X Factor, One Direction is said to be responsible for initiating the British Invasion of present day. As the quintet continues to produce successes following its major hit, “What Makes You Beautiful,” American teenage girls can’t deny their infatuation with this boy band, evident in the whopping 8.24 million views within 24 hours for “Live While We’re Young.”

Adele, Madonna, Amy Winehouse. These influential English women act as fair competition to their male counterparts. For instance, during last Sunday at the Oscars Adele won best original score for her heartrending ballad, “Skyfall.”

Even in the field of television, Brits aren’t lacking. For example, Doctor Who, the longest-running science fiction show in television history, has addicted viewers since 1963 with its intricate plots concerning “the Doctor.” This humanoid alien time travels via the ‘TARDIS,’ a vessel resembling a blue British police box, and has regenerated, so far, eleven times (meaning eleven actors, and counting, have portrayed the Doctor).

Other series gaining fame include the more recent, Downton Abbey, whose fascinating depiction of the lives of aristocrats and servants during the early 20th century — think the sinking of the Titanic and the outbreak of World War I — attracts viewers young and old alike. Representing the crime genre, Sherlock, contributes much enigma to the takeover. Although a mere six episodes have been created since its debut, Sherlock has amassed quite a sizable fan community due to its compelling, modern-day portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s thrillers.

The various British singers and shows that dominate the US’s iTunes and television, respectively, prove that Paul Revere was no doubt correct in his announcement. Prepare yourselves, for the British Invasion II.