Taylor Swift’s album ‘Red’ dominates iTunes

Taylor Swifts album Red dominates iTunes

Jenna Tarantino, staff writer

Shortly after its release Oct. 22, Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Red’ has climbed to number one on the iTunes charts. The country star took over radio stations when the first single “We are never ever getting back together” was released. Unlike her previous albums, ‘Red’ incorporates a new pop-like tone and more upbeat songs.

Like many of Swift’s songs, those on her new album reveal her experiences with love and heartbreak over the last two years, making her lyrics extremely relatable to teenagers. Swift’s more pop-like style is evident in songs like “I knew you were trouble”, and the title track “Red”.While much of her music has taken on new development, she stays true to her classic heartfelt ballads with the songs “Sad beautiful tragic”, and “Begin Again”. Swift has even dedicated a song called “22” to her friends.

Swift released many of the songs on the album as singles. She appeared on Good Morning America in the weeks leading up to the album release to debut new songs. One of the most highly anticipated songs from the album is her duet with popular British singer Ed Sheeran. The sweet love song called “Everything has changed” was co-written by Swift and Sheeran. Once the album was released, Swift announced Sheeran would be joining her on her “Red” tour.

As always, when one of Swift’s albums is released, speculation arises about which alleged boyfriend each song is written about. Having been linked to such celebrities as Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal in the past, it is often a challenge for fans to attempt to decode which song is dedicated to who.

Despite Swift’s famous relationships, her music continues to please her crowds. I recommend this album to any music lovers for all of the great and original songs.