Sink your teeth into Breaking Dawn Part Two


Savanna Kanester, staff writer

The much anticipated ending to one of the highest-grossing film series is finally unveiled as the last part of the Twilight saga comes to theaters for the fifth and final time.

Breaking Dawn Part Two begins with Bella awaking to a new life as a blood thirsty, “new born” vampire with her half-human, half-vampire infant daughter, Renesmee, greeting her. The beloved star-crossed lovers, Edward and Bella, seem to finally have found a happy ending.However Renesmee’s unique characteristics cause conflict among the immortal world, especially from the very powerful coven of royal vampires in Italy.

The story depicts the Cullen family (Bella, Edward, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme), and the very loyal werewolf (most known for his chiseled six pack and puppy dog face) Jacob Black, along with the wolf pack’s  journey to save Renesmee and themseves from the Volturi’s unjust rule. With hope that ‘witnesses’ will save their untimely fate, the characters embark on a journey to gather all those who will support their case and their gifted daughter.

This climax effectively concerns viewers with the question, will ‘forever’ be as long as they hoped? In contrast to her helpless persona in the previous Twilight movies, Kristen Stewart takes on a new motherly role with newfound strength as a vampire. This transformation unveils more to the romance than meets the eye. Breaking Dawn Part Two deals with human strength, sacrifice, revenge, and the power in collabortion.

The movie remained true to the book despite a shocking choice directors made in the conclusion.

The movie includes a very unexpected twist, knowing this would not prepare you for what the directors has in store. I found the surprise an excellent addition to the movie. Wether or not you read the books, this action-packed romance is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. A captivating 115 minutes, Breaking Dawn Part Two is a great ending to the gripping series. Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, a twi-hard fan or team the guy who hit Bella with a car, Breaking Dawn Part Two is an overall enchanting experience.

Both cinematic and dramatic, Part Two concludes ceremoniously giving credit to all who took part in the epic series- an excellent conclusion to the end of the vampire era.