Gilmore brothers launch movie production career

Senior Andrew Gillmore and his younger brother Adam discuss future movie ideas. (Credit: Jared Cohn)

Senior Andrew Gillmore and his younger brother Adam discuss future movie ideas. (Credit: Jared Cohn)

John Hankforth, staff writer

A natural born comedian, unorthodox eccentric, with resources incomparable to his own startling wit and artistic talent, senior Andrew Gilmore leads a cast of both juniors and seniors in the dreams of creating a true piece of cinematic brilliance to capture the attention of famed director Stephen Spielberg.

Andrew, role model to his brother Adam, shares his passion with his brother daily. Despite Andrew taking the lead, they work collaboratively together to create audience worthy productions. The brothers came onto this idea of making their own movies as they watched King Kong together as kids.

“My brother and I started this together,” Andrew said. “Together we hope to get someone like Stephen Spielberg to notice our talent and invest in our movies.”

The lessons learned from past projects are currently being reapplied to incoming competitions. In hopes to fulfill their ambition, they reach out to competitions both local and international.

“As it stands, we are working on a few projects right now for the Fake Film Festival for Vancouver and the Carlsbad Teen Scene competition,” Andrew said.

That is not to imply that they don’t have productions out for the public eye. The Gilmore Brothers opened a YouTube channel a few years ago to post their side ideas there to see the kind of success and traction the clip garner. The Gilmore brother’s YouTube channel, “umadmarvin”, houses a few short clips and gives a taste of their talent and sense of humor to the viewer.

“We are attempting to branch away from comedies for now,” Andrew said. “People generally don’t take these comedies seriously, and we want to be able to produce something that is memorable.”

The Gilmore Brothers aren’t a well-funded production crew. In general, the company operates with a budget of volunteer work and a collaborative effort at making something that will leave an impression on the viewer.

The Gilmore Brothers accept donations that go directly to the creation of their clips, and with the funds will hope to branch out and bring their audience new more diverse material.

“I know that special effects glamour up a project and helps leave a memorable position on people, but we are dedicated to producing something despite out limitations,” Andrew said.