Alex Miller achieves Girl Scout gold

Alex Miller achieves Girl Scout gold

Senior Alex Miller recently won the Girl Scout Gold award. She is among the five percent of Girl Scouts who receive this award.

Emilee Foltz, staff writer

Her drive and dedication pushed Alex Miller to achieve the high honor of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Every senior looks to achieve something which will set them apart from other applicants when they apply for college. Recently, senior Alex Miller became part of the five percent of girls to earn their Gold Award in Girl Scouts.

This prestigious award starts with a project idea and is then carried out and executed by one girl alone. Miller said her idea came from growing up playing soccer.

“I made a DVD about soccer safety and sent it to schools throughout states,” Miller said. “I knew I loved soccer and I was never hurt, but a lot of my friends have gotten hurt, so I wanted to show younger kids how to prevent injuries while playing.”

On her way to achieving her award, Miller spent endless amounts of time getting her project approved by The Girl Scout Council, meeting weekly with her project advisor, and actually filming the video.

“The whole process took about two years and overall I worked more than three hundred hours,”Miller said.

As much blood, sweat, and tears Miller had to put into this project it was all worth it when she was finished. Not only was she recognized by The Girl Scout Council, but she also received various awards from the government. It was not all just about the awards though, along with that she learned more about herself.

“I learned I can do anything I put my mind to and I don’t like stopping things before I finish,” said Miller.

Nonetheless, who can deny this incredible achievement will most certainly be a help when filling out college applications this fall. With so much pressure to be better than every other applicant, this award sets Miller out above the rest. With big dreams for her future, she hopes this will help her get into the college of her dreams.

“I want to go to either USC or Chapman, and I hope it will help because Chapman is very extracurricular,” said Miller.