Teens get excited for Teen Scene

Teens get excited for Teen Scene

Carlsbad band Tragic Waste plays at Battle Of The Bands

Bryanna Mundy, Editor-in-chief

Teens filled Calavera Hills Community Center on Jan. 28. to participate in festivities and listen to local bands during Teen Scene, a yearly event that gives teens the chance to show off their artistic talents to the community.

The biggest highlight of Teen Scene is always Battle of the Bands. Eleven different bands competed for the title of this year’s 2012 Carlsbad Battle of the Bands Champion. The stakes were high with a chance to win a day recording in Hurley’s professional recording studio, Big Bear Mountain Resort Ski Lift Tickets, paid gigs at Rock the Library concert series and more.

Each band had a fifteen minute set to play their best songs and impress the four judges. Carlsbad High School students played in a few of the entries: Glass Giant, Aquacade and Tragic Waste. With the help of the audience’s reactions, the judges decided on the winning band,  MonoMood. The audience was estatic helping the judges make their decision.

“I liked all the varitety in music from the bands. I think MonoMood was definitly my favorite, ” sophomore Heather Runzel said.

Although the bands were a big part of the night, the event also featured teens showcasing their artwork, films and photography. The art cafe was filled with a beautiful variety of artwork. The wii game Just Dance 2  was also set up for anyone who felt like picking up some new moves in the art cafe.

“I like the dancing room because its fun to learn dances and look at the art,” Lauren Robertson said.

Dance-offs are fun, but the game truck parked outside drew in a big crowd. With everything from PS3 to Xbox, the truck was popular all night with a line forming outside made of eager gamers ready to show off their skills.

People waiting outside the game truck could easily see the film festival playing outside throughout the night. The film festival had five minute shorts made by local teens that played all night.

The 2012 Teen Scene offered fun and excitement, giving every teen that attended a great way to spend the night.