Students form If You Truly Knew Me club to combat discrimination and bullying

Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

The If You Truly Knew Me club, new this year at Carlsbad High School, explores the inner feelings of students across the campus through communication. Meeting in room 211 every Friday starting October 7, the club will help students express their personal struggles with their peers.

Stevie Adler, co-founder of the club, created If You Truly Knew Me to emulate the television show on MTV.

“It is a club based off of the show, made to eliminate discrimination and break down clique barriers,” junior Stevie Adler said.

Discrimination and bullying is an on-going problem for schools across the nation and If You Truly Knew Me club strives to help stop this. For the modern teenager, a place to compare differences and opinions is rare in a social world of status quo. Club founders intend to try to break down the walls between students to destroy discrimination.

“I feel the club will provide a safe haven for students on campus.  It will help people come together no matter what differences they may have,” Adler said.

Katie Bradshaw, another founder, intends to uncover many of the internal thoughts of students across CHS.

“The point of the club is to bring out the darker issues, students may have,” junior Katie Bradshaw said.

Cliques and social barriers among students prove difficult to break down. Students must go great lengths in order to find a group suitable for them in a school of 3000. The club accepts people of all races and religions and aims to help students of different backgrounds come together to discuss unknown similarities. Unlike other clubs, If You Truly Knew Me strives to affect groups of all social stereotypes.

“Everyone’s welcome, just come to the first meeting. The club targets all or every type of discrimination and bullying,” Adler said.