Sounds Express puts on a gleeful show

Ciara Woods, Staff Writer

“Step It Up” dramatizes the life of dancers, “Drum Line” looks at the life of band members and “Bring It On” supposedly represents the life of cheerleaders. These are all shows and movies about extra curricular activites that we are all familiar with. Now, for the first time ever in mainstream pop culture, hit TV show “Glee” elaborates on the lives of high school show choir singers.

The show choir at CHS reveals both the truths and misconceptions of what Glee leads the common, tone-deaf people to believe. They show what really goes on behind the walls of room 603.

“On the show they have extreme stereotypes, but we do have all of the people from different groups in our class,” Senior Juliette Wardle said.

Not wanting to single their classmates out, most of the CHS show choir students did not describe any member as being as flamboyant as Kurt or as risqué as Santana, but one member saw a tiny comparison between CHS and Glee.

“Sarah Offerman has Mercedes’ powerful voice,” Junior Garrett Nato said.

Despite the lack of similarities, the CHS show choir found more than enough that distanced themselves from and the hit TV show.

“We do have couples but not so much drama – although break ups really do cause all the crazy choir drama,” Show Choir President Senior Sarah Offerman said.

Although there might not be such extreme drama, like Quinn lying about her pregnancy or Brittnay and Satana constantly trying to seduce Sam, the typical high school drama that is affiliated with all of the other cliques in is still there.

Since choir members do have close relationships with one another, it is easy to imagine how a a single break up or fight would drag down the mood of the entire choir.

“There’s kind of a rule for choir people to not date other choir people,” Nato said.

So long as your not in the show choir yourself, feel free to ask one of the talented members to serenade you with their sweet voice.

On a more serious note, members feel like Glee does not show everything that goes on behind the scenes.

“We have a tech crew that sets up everything. Without them the show wouldn’t go on, ” Junior Nik Millian said.

Glee only shows viewers the final product and does not give people a chance to truly recognize all of the hard work members put into their pieces.

“We don’t just get up and start dancing,” Wardle said.

Many of the people who are not actually front and center for performances, like the choreographers, teacher and tech crew, put in just as much work as the people performing.

The majority of high school students do not have the opportunity to recognize the talent of the choir here at Carlsbad. Although they have the opportunity to show off talent at competitions, they do not receive enough attention for their talent. Although this may seem “Rachel Berry-esque” there is truth in this statement. At games and pep-rallies the cheerleaders pump up the crowd, Lancer Dancers and X-caliber excites everyone, and the spirit of the band sets the tone for the upcoming victory. So where does Sound Express fit in?

“Since Glee came out I have gotten a lot more attention and people come up to me in classes now and ask about Glee and the classes here,” Offerman said.

Every time you here the choir when you walk by room 603 you will know that their music is a lot more than “sequin and glitter vests,” and also that “dolphins are [not] just gay sharks.”