First pep rally pumps up CHS

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

It’s C-BAD time it’s C-BAD time! What! What!” roared the cheerleaders as they pumped up the crowd for the first pep rally of the season. But this wasn’t any plain pep rally; this was the first Alarm Clock Pep Rally of the 2010 season broadcasted live by KUSI news. With a new field and new school spirit, this televised pep rally increased everybody’s school spirit to new heights.

Starting off the rally, KUSI reporter Mike Castellucci introduced ASB, the varsity football players, the girl’s volleyball team and the girl’s tennis team. Following were performances by Xcalibur, Lancer Dancers, the cheer team and the band  to entertain CHS students and facility members. ASB also held a relay race that included Castellucci.

“I think the activities pumped up the crowd for the pep rally and for the game tonight,” Junior Emilee Emamjomeh said. “I definitely think Carlsbad’s spirit is going to be way higher this year

KUSI’s Alarm Clock Pep Rallies take place every Friday at a different high school in San Diego County. Live broadcasts of pep rallies bring schools higher spirits and more support for their teams.

“The pep rallies aren’t suppose to be a competition,” Castellucci said. “But all high schools want to beat each other.”

Carlsbad High School’s spirit increased at the first pep rally and also at the first football game. Carlsbad’s new field brought new spirit amoung the students and the beginning of a great a season.