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Restaurant review: The Yellow Deli

Juliet Luty, Staff Writer

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Located in Vista, the Yellow Deli was opened by followers of the Jewish faith who wanted to start their own “utopian” society. The people who work at the Yellow Deli practice communal living and the ideas of the “First Church.” Their goal in starting the deli was to give people a relaxing environment, to meet friends and enjoy a delicious meal away from the chaos of life.

All of the food served at The Yellow Deli is locally and organically grown at Morning Star Ranch Organic Avocado Ranch in Valley Center.  They offer a variety of expected deli foods such as hot and cold soups and sandwiches and salads. The food at the Yellow Deli always tastes fresh and homemade because that is precisely what it is.

The only problem with having such freshly prepared food is the wait–when going to the Yellow Deli make sure you are not in a rush because you can expect to wait a while for your food.

Besides the food, the deli also serves refreshing teas and a variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices.

The atmosphere of the deli is very inviting –it feels like a combination between a home and a cafe. With both indoor and outdoor seating, customers can choose to enjoy nature on the serene patio or to stay inside where it is cozy.

Possibly the biggest flaw with this establishment could also be considered its greatest feature. The hours of the Yellow Deli are twenty-four seven for five days of the week. This is beneficial for people wanting a delicious meal late at night and not having to work around restaurant hours during the week. However, the deli closes from Friday at three to Sunday at twelve for the owners’ religious reasons. So if you want to check out this new hot spot during the weekend, you are out of luck.

The Yellow Deli has just begun to grow in popularity and already it is constantly busy. It seems people can’t get enough of this alternative restaurant.

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The School Newspaper of Carlsbad High School
Restaurant review: The Yellow Deli