Featured Athlete: Noah Vella

Mackenzie Karnig, staff writer

Sophomore Noah Vella is one of three sophomores on the varsity football team and he has been making the most out of it. Last Friday night at the home game against Vista, Vella had a game to remember. He scored 21 points, half of the final score, including an 86 yard touchdown. As Vella looks forward to playoffs, he remembers all the moments he has already had on the team.

Lancer Link: How long have you been playing football?

Noah Vella: “I have been playing football since the third grade.”

LL: Is football something you would like to pursue in college?

NV: “Definitely, actually that is the only way I think I can get into college is through hard work and scholarships.”

LL: How does it feel being a sophomore on varsity?

NV: “It’s definitely discouraging knowing that a lot of the kids are older than you and you need to compete at their level, but then again it does make you into a better player overall.”

LL: What is your favorite part of being on varsity?

NV: “My favorite part about being on varsity is getting the extra coaching and knowledge from the varsity coaches. They are helping me develop into a better athlete.”

LL: How did you feel when you scored the 86 yard touchdown at Friday’s home game?

NV: “Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. Obviously it couldn’t have happened without the rest of the team, but i picked up the ball and started running but it didn’t process until they announced it and then I realized that it was me that did it.”

LL: How does it feel when your teammates congratulate you after a touchdown or a good play?

NV: It feels pretty good, especially from the seniors because they are pretty much the leaders of the team. It is pretty rewarding that you know that you have made a good contribution to the team.”

LL: What are your usual goals in practices or games?

NV: “To repeat what I did on Friday, always work hard and give 100 percent and go out onto the field to do what I am supposed to do and come out with a win.”