FEATURED ATHLETE: Kallie White, water polo


Maddie Ward

Sophomore, Kallie White, plays for the girls water polo team. White played last year, and is preparing to play for this year’s upcoming season

Mackenzie Karnig, staff writer

As the boys water polo season starts to come to an end, girls water polo starts preparing for their upcoming season. Since the season is starting soon, Kallie White has a couple of things to say about the new seasons and her goals outside of high school.

Lancer Link: What are you looking forward to most this season and why?

Kallie White: “I am looking forward to all the games this season because I feel that this season we are going to be really good. I am very excited to play with my new team as well this season.”

LL: How have you been preparing for the upcoming season?

KW: “Well, we take aquatics, which is a swim class first period, and we take a weights class before that so we have been swimming and lifting every other day. We also have club season practice every other day.”

LL: When did you start playing water polo?

KW: “I started playing water polo three years ago.”

LL: What made you want to play water polo in high school?

KW: “I wanted to play water polo in high school because I really wanted to be apart of the team and support Carlsbad High School.”

LL: Are you planning to further your water polo in college?

KW: “Yes, I would really love to play in college because there are a lot of opportunity for girls water polo.”