Xcalibur jazzes into the 2017-18 season


Maddie Ward

X-Calibur starts out their halftime dance during the JV football, Friday, Sept. 15. The dancers work to excite the crowd for the second half of the game.

Jenna McMahon

When halftime comes Xcalibur waits to perform on the sidelines, they get ready to dance and make the field their stage. After they perform the girls jog off the field with big smiles on their faces proud of the work they did.

“We practice a lot, learn choreography, and clean the choreography so we look good as a team,” sophomore Victoria Hrisanthopolous said. “Just this past dance, we had a bunch of new skills that we had to master and had to do skills tests.”

Dancing in front of hundreds of people can be nerve-wracking but the girls find it a fun thing to do. All the people cheering them on in the crowd boosts their confidence when performing.

“Dancing at football games is my favorite part of being on the team,” senior Hannah Gelbart said. “You are not only dancing alongside your best friends, but you get to be spirited and involved on the field. Performing in front of loud crowd makes me proud to be a part of such a unique school experience.”

Having placed 1st for jazz at their national competition, they dance with lots of passion. They also perform highly in hip-hop. Choosing what kind of dance to do at the football games leaves them with a tough decision. The girls leave it up to the choreographer that will teach them their dance for the performance.

“Dances are based on incoming choreographers and what captains bring to the table. We mainly perform jazz, pom, and hip-hop,” Gelbart said. “I’m given the opportunity to choreograph dances for Xcalibur and I’m really lucky to see and be a part of the final product when we perform.”

Xcalibur’s captain Hannah Gelbart has taken on the role of being captain two years in a row. She believes that even though she is captain, all the other girls work just as hard and they push each other to do their best to keep Xcalibur performing at high levels.

“It is an extremely difficult position, but definitely worth it,” Gelbart said. “It’s beyond rewarding to watch my team improve and to be in a group of such dedicated girls who are so supportive and hard-working. By no means does being captain mean I pull more weight than the other girls. Every member shares a common goal of what’s best for our team and upholding Xcalibur’s legacy.”