Playing a new string

Jaime Mullen

Typically, people choose to play the most traditional instruments that are familiar to everyone. One student, junior Hannah Bruck made a less popular choice in instruments. Early influences in her life led Hannah to this strange instrument known as the Mandolin. Her musical background came from her father’s side of the family.

“My dad’s side of the family has always been very musically talented. My dad plays the ukulele and sings, and his three other siblings play the piano and ukulele,” Bruck said.

With other influences, Bruck began playing the piano at a young age. Later, she wanted a new challenge; to learn how to play a new and more unique instrument.

“I started out playing the piano and once I mastered that instrument I wanted to learn something different,” Bruck said. “The ukulele seemed a little too mainstream for me, and I wanted something more rare and more of a challenge to play,” Bruck said.

With a new goal in mind, Bruck was intent on finding a new instrument. With the mandolin being less popular, it was a bit of a challenge finding a place to purchase one.

“My family members were all trying to help me pick a new instrument, and they all decided that the mandolin was the coolest one,” Bruck said. “Luckily one of my uncles had one for me to use,” Bruck said.

With her new mandolin, Hannah was ready to learn this challenging instrument. The challenge was greater that she had expected, but she continued and kept practicing.

“I honestly did not know what to expect when I took it out of its case.” “It was smaller than I thought it would be, and It was cool looking,” Bruck said. “When I tried playing it, I didn’t understand it all and I was pretty frustrated and was almost going to give up,” Bruck said.

With her perseverance, Bruck eventually got the hang of it and now enjoys playing her mandolin for her whole family. Due to the uniqueness of the mandolin, Hannah has yet to find other musicians that she can play with, but she is always on the hunt.

“It sounds kind of funny telling people I play the mandolin and them usually as me what I’m talking about, but hopefully I can continue to get better at it and keep playing for my whole life.” Bruck said.