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As the new school years starts, juniors finally get to experience the freedom of leaving campus for lunch, while seniors continue to enjoy their favorite places with friends. Here is a list to help all of you juniors decide your favorite lunch spot, and for you seniors to switch up your everyday spot and try something new.

  1. Board & Brew- Let’s be honest. No one can resist Board & Brew’s heavenly sandwiches and don’t even get me started on that sauce. Make it easier by calling ahead and if you’re not that hungry, save some money by only ordering half a sandwich. Thanks to Carlsbad’s ASB sticker, get yourself a free drink by showing them your ID card.
  2. Sprouts- Sure, it’s a place where your mom can spend two hours in while grocery shopping, but Sprouts can also be a quick and easy place to grab some lunch. Sprouts not only has a groceries and sandwiches, but you can also enjoy a variety of items from their bakery and salad bar that can fill you up for your last class.
  3. Knockout Pizza- It’s quick. It’s cheap. It tastes like heaven. Stop by Knockout Pizza to get your fair share of pizza. To add to this great deal, your ASB sticker gets you a dollar off a two slice deal with a drink.
  4. Smoothies- Whether you decide on Jamba Juice or Beach City, smoothies are a good way to rejuvenate from your morning classes. As a bonus, both Beach City and Jamba have deals with an ASB sticker. Beach City offers a dollar off on a smoothie and pretzel combo with the ASB sticker, while Jamba offers 20% off on any medium or large smoothie.
  5. Panera- Do you ever wish you could go home for lunch, but there just isn’t enough time? Well, Panera offers a homey environment and some excellent comfort food. Choose from classic mac & cheese or try a savory Turkey Bravo sandwich. They also offer some yummy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  6. Ice Cream- If you’re looking for a sweet treat rather than a savory lunch, we have got you covered.  Choose from Cold Stone, Linda’s Yogurt, Swirlicious or Golden Spoon to fulfill your sweet tooth. In addition, Cold Stone offers 15% your purchase and Linda’s gets your second yogurt for free with an ASB sticker.
  7. Bagels- If you’re looking for another quick and cheap lunch option, try Top of the Bagel or Einstein’s Bros Bagels. If you skipped breakfast, or you’re just looking for an on-the-go for lunch, bagels are a good go to food that are sure to fill you up for the rest of the school day.
  8. Mexican Food-  Choose from Lola’s, Pollos Maria, Alejandro’s or Cessy’s. If you’re looking for some authentic mexican food, Carlsbad is filled with fresh and flavorful dishes that can satisfy your lunchtime hunger. From stuffed burritos to savory soups, almost every Mexican cuisine is sure to keep you feeling full throughout the day.
  9. Starbucks- Need a pick me up? Starbucks is the place for you. Grab all the seasonal favorites like a Pumpkin Spice Latte or get the classic Caramel Macchiato. Either way, Starbucks if the perfect place to fulfill your caffeinated needs. You can also try other nearby coffee shops like Coffee Bean, Peet’s Coffee or Vinaka.
  10. BYOL- Bring your own lunch. Save some money and time by enjoying a brown bag lunch. The possibilities are endless when you pack your own lunch, so have some fun with it. Grab your friends for a parking lot picnic or just stay on campus for a change.

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