Freshmen take the shot on varsity soccer


Adoley Swaniker

Freshman, Caitlin McCarthy (right) and Erin Sinai (left), practice their kicks before the Westview game. Both girls hold impactful positions on womens varsity soccer.

For many kids, making a high school sports team is an exciting experience. For freshmen Caitlyn McCarthy and Erin Sinai, making the varsity soccer team is a full thrill ride. Arter a few preseason games these two freshmen are ready to make this season great.

“Its really fun because I get to play with all these older girls,” Freshmen Erin Sinai said.” And I really enjoy playing with these new people. I was really shocked when i found out that i made varsity because I was aiming to make JV and I was really surprised that i made this team. I knew a lot of the girls on the varsity team so it was really easy to talk to them.”

The girls made there contribution to their most recent victory against Otay Ranch.They are beginning to prepare  for this upcoming  season, and their teammates are saying very good words about the girls.

“Both of the girls are really great and they work really hard,” Senior captain Sara Harrelson said.” They are both supper friendly and every one really likes having them on the team. They play really important minuets in the game and they are really helpful on the field. Erin plays defense and  we can definitely count on her in the back, and Caitlyn plays in the midfield and she really connects with everyone plus she is really physical in her position, but over all both of the girls work really well with everyone.”

These freshmen have been practicing every day with the older girls, which can come with some challenges.

” I love being on this team,” Freshman Caitlyn McCarthy said.” but at times its really intimidating because the girls are a lot older and bigger, but it mainly  helps me step up my game because of the quality that they play at. There were so many amazing players at tryouts so I did not think that I was going to make Varsity, but I am really glad that it worked out and that all of the girls really supportive and they make it really easy to fit in. its a really big honor to make this team”

With the great new bond with the freshmen girls, the varsity team is ready to kick off the season.

I’m just really glad that they are on the team this year.Its always great to have freshmen on the team because they are always really fun and they is always someone there to get water for us.” Harelson joked.