New store in Carlsbad Village offers bohemian inspired products


Courtesy of Sonnet O'Kane

Rebel Villa’s small business interior features some of the many air plants, vases, and other products that they offer. With a light and bright environment, the store is super inviting and unique.

Grace Fisher and Kaitlin Ferguson

Rebel Villa is a newly opened small business in Carlsbad Village that sells bohemian inspired products. Mindy Flynn and Sonnet O’Kane are co-owners of Rebel Villa and opened their Carlsbad storefront on May 1, 2021.

The co-owners originally started their company as a second job to their full time corporate jobs. During March of 2020 they were laid off from their jobs, and decided to make their dream of creating a business and storefront a reality.

“It’s such a calm and peaceful environment,” Flynn said. “We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to move from working corporate to owning our own, thriving, business.”

Rebel Villa sells bohemian inspired unique home decor. They have unique products like wall hangings, plants, candles, and table decor.

“Our throw blankets and pillows are very special to us because we designed them and we have them handmade in India,” Flynn said. “They are all completely unique to our brand. We pick items to sell in our store that we ourselves are drawn to. I would say that our most popular items are the air plants, candles and propagation stations.

Rebel Villa also has a candle trade-in program. This allows people to bring back their old candle holders and get them refilled with a new scent. The candle trade in program is environmentally friendly and allows you to try different scents.

“We pour our own candles, which makes it ideal for us to help the environment by offering that our customers bring back the jars after they are done burning the candles,” O’Kane said. “When they bring back the glass amber jar and gold lid, we will clean and repurpose them and the customer can pick a new one off the shelf at a 50% discount. We have a lot of fragrances to pick from, so this program will help people to try them all.”

Rebel Villa often has something new and recently released when you visit Rebel Villa. Changing out items frequently allows customers to buy unique products based on the time of year.

“We have new products coming in weekly,” O’Kane said. “We love to change it up. So, if you see something that you like in the store, you better buy it because it may be gone upon your next visit.”

Flynn and O’Kane always strive to create a fun and welcoming environment. They are aiming to create and achieve new goals and products for Rebel Villa.

“One of our goals when opening the store was that we cater to the locals,” Flynn said. “We therefore move different products through the store on a regular basis and change the atmosphere weekly to make it different for our regular customers. You will always find something new, no matter how often you visit us.”

During the year the owners constantly switch out products. The frequent changes in products allows for people from all places to find something they will love.

“They can expect a lovely shopping experience complete with amazing smells, great music and amazing company,” O’Kane said. “We, the owners, are there running the store during the week 10am to 3pm and then we have the two very best associates working afternoon/evenings and weekends.”