Echosmith Rocks Carlsbad High

If you’ve been living under a rock, hearing that Echosmith performed at our school on Feb. 19, would be news to you. However, for those of us who attended said concert, we experienced one heck of a show.

For starters, drummer, Graham Sierota, melted the hearts of everyone in attendance with his magisterial manipulation of the sticks. Bassist, Noah Sierota, brought pizzazz to the show with his combination of quirky style and passionate dancing. Unfortunately, former guitarist, Jamie Sierota, could not be in attendance due to his current hiatus from the band. However, Jamie’s replacement, Joshua Murty filled in masterfully for the position of his predecessor. Lead singer, Sydney Sierota, captivated the crowd with her vocals and entrancing engagement of the audience.

Echosmith, who over the summer opened for twenty one pilots and also joined Taylor Swift onstage on her 1989 tour, started off with “Let’s Love,” an upbeat jam to get the audience going, following with many of their other hits, most notably “Come Together” and “Tell Her You Love Her.” As the audience became more enticed, the band increased the energy, incorporating various tactics such as bringing students on stage. Senior Joe Curran was lucky enough to join Echosmith on stage for a song, describing his experience as “Echolit.”

“My favorite part of being on stage was hugging Sydney at the end,” Curran said.

To close out the show, they played their hits “Bright” and “Cool Kids.” Some students crafted signs which caught the attention of Echosmith throughout the concert. Many of those who stuck around after the concert were lucky enough to meet the band and have one-on-one conversations with each member.

“Echosmith proved to be very down-to-earth in the conversation I had with them after the concert,” senior Jake Stevens said. “Noah was extremely chill and easygoing. He drank sparkling water–I always respect a man who drinks sparkling water.”

The students of Carlsbad High were fortunate enough to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime performance. Needless to say, if you missed out on this memorable event, you may forever wish you were like one of the cool kids.