AP tests to take place in Del Mar

Julie Ambo, News Editor

Although Carlsbad High students typically traverse to the Del Mar Fairgrounds during the sweltering months of June and July for the world-renowned San Diego County Fair, this year, students will go for reasons other than pure enjoyment; AP testing.

Due to CHS’s sizable population of over 3000 students, various difficulties arose when AP tests were held on campus.

“We needed more facilities, a quieter and better testing environment and less distractions,” guidance counselor Mr. Blackburn said.  “To be honest, you have bells going off and balls from PE hitting the walls. Last year in AP Psych, there was even a power outage.”

Along with difficulties concerning noise control, Spanish teacher Señor Riccitelli explains that the displacement of classes, due to the large number of Spanish AP students, was a hectic practice too tiresome to continue.

“I think especially for my students in AP Spanish, the test should be shorter. Here at the high school, students have to spend a lot of time waiting for a chance to get to a recorder for the speaking part. Over there, they’ll have facilities to test more students at one time,” Riccitelli said. “More than anything, it’s a logistical nightmare trying to figure out how to test a large number of students without a testing room or facility.  You have to come up with a series of classroom that will work, but then, you’re displacing those teachers, and they have to have a place to go to take their classes.”

Spanish AP students voice their opinions on taking the AP test 30 to 40 minutes away from school.

“[Testing at Del Mar] doesn’t really matter to me, as long as transportation is provided,” junior Henry Gardener said.

In addition, although most students question the pricy $95 test fee, they will gain from this remuneration. According to Blackburn, it will benefit students by lessening their college burdens.

“If the college accepts the AP test [students are exempt from taking the class]. A UC class of three to four units is going to be much more expensive than the $95 it takes to take the AP test,” Blackburn said. “In actuality, if you look at San Dieguito, their fee is about $105. We’re less than what they are, but we’re probably more than a few.”

Most importantly, students should make it a priority to turn in their permission slips; currently less than 50% of the slips have been returned. Students should purchase their AP test online by March 10 as well, since the Achievement Point Test Service (APTS) LLC. will incur a $15 late fee thereafter.  For more information on the fast-approaching AP tests, reference Carlsbad High School AP Exams | AP Test Service.

“If you look on the website, it answers a lot of questions. Students are also welcome to see Miss Smith, myself, Mr. Lord or they could probably even go to their AP teacher,” Blackburn said. “If you look at the website, there’s a long list of FAQ’s there. They can also email Elloise Bennett, [the AP coordinator], and she will get back to them.”