Wez Khalifa moves into the rap game

Wez Khalifa moves into the rap game

Matt Wezniak is not only a success on the baseball field but also a budding rapper gaining attention on the Internet.

Scott De Taboada, assistant editor

This week’s Lancer Athlete of the Week was Sophomore Matthew Wezniak. As a talented baseball player, Wezniak was recognized for his abilities on the field. However, as many know from watching CHSTV, Wezniak has a different, unique talent that deserves a deeper look.

“I really like rapping,” Wezniak said. “It’s a great way to just be yourself and not really worry about what other people are doing.”

Starting his amateur career as a rap artist in middle school, Wezniak finds peace making beats and rapping in his spare time.

“I’ve been rapping on and off for two or three years now. It’s been a hobby of mine I’ve really enjoyed doing for some time,” Wezniak said.

Although rapping has mainly been a hobby for Wezniak in past years, he has decided to post his rap songs as videos as seen here on YouTube. Wezniak’s most recent video has exceeded 3000 views, something that has gotten him recognition from many of the students around campus.

“If by chance I write a good rap, I’ll throw it up on YouTube. It’s always fun getting feedback from your homies,” Wezniak said.

For now, Wezniak’s feedback comes mostly from the YouTube world, as he works mostly alone. He is, however, looking for collaborators to help him with his hobby as a rap artist.

“Sometimes I’ll get a few kids collaborating on beats and things, but mostly it’s just me rapping. I’d definitely like to get some collaborations going, though, I think that’d be really fun,” Wezniak said.

So, if you’d like to get into the rap field and know Wezniak, you know where to go. It seems that Wezniak’s true accomplishments come from playing baseball; however, he may be an up-and-coming rapper to look out for in the future.