Renewable energy classes looks toward the future


Scott De Taboada, assistant editor

Finding safe, environmentally conscious forms of energy- a problem scientists today are desperately trying to solve, and here at CHS, students are getting a head start on solving the problems of the future.

The new renewable energy course provides a space where students can learn about protecting our planet while finding forms of energy to power our technology.

“This class provides a loving, friendly environment where eager students learn about the wonders of renewable energy,” junior Dawson DePretis said. “I like it a lot because we learn cool things and spend a lot of time experimenting.”

Taught by science teacher Mr. Alexander, this course currently has only nine students. With plenty of room for new learners, the class should fill up quickly in years to come due to its hands on approach to science.

“We learn and do things students would not be able to learn or do anywhere besides in this class.  It’s a very unique experience,” Alexander said.

According to the students of the class, renewable energy offers a fun and easygoing environment for students by going on field trips and learning science which they can apply to the real world.

“Alexander just tickles my fancy,” junior Tyler Grove said. “I don’t like this class—I love everything we do, every period.”

To any students seeking a hands-on science class, renewable energy is a perfect fit. This class can give students an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

“I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn useful science in a fun way,” junior Oliver Ganguli said. “Zandy is a great teacher.”